About Us

About Store:

Coopers Hill Boutique was formed based on the fashion of Europeans, Caribbean and New Yorkers. It's like looking great, without trying too hard!

Have you ever seen something online and wonder how it would fit or look on you?

Well sometimes we take the chance and buy it and try it on at home, but don't like it. Now we want to return it, but most online stores do not accept returns or you have to pay for the shipping! Can you believe that?! 

A lot of people, like myself don't like that, so they just forget about it.

This is why I decided to open a physical store, rather than just have a website. Here people can try clothes on first, before they buy it!



Bring fashionable, stylish and trendy clothing, shoes and accessories at an affordable cost to Tampa Bay Area.

In addition - since the owner is a plus size woman, it was one of her personal missions to bring stylish, trendy, well fitted and same style (or close) of Regular sizes to Plus size women and men. She found these characteristics lacking and if available, comes at a premium cost or the clothes are ill-fitting or made for one specific type of plus size body type.


About Owner:

Nkeshie was born in Jamaica and grew up there, she studied Information Technology and Computer Science at University of Technology. She then moved to New York after completing University, looking for something new.

She has always had a passion for fashion and always wanted to open a boutique, but New York's real estate was too expensive, but then moving to Florida in 2018 presented the perfect opportunity to open a boutique.

Her goal is to bring the fashion seen online to the boutique, give people opportunity to be adventurous and enhance fashion!


Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the experience!